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Hair Treatment

Hair Transplant

It is a surgical method to grow your hair. If done by properly trained doctors, this is the most fruitful procedure with visible and lasting results.
FUE and FUT are two common methods by which hair transplant is done. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but in all, FUE though takes a long time, is more comfortable for the patient.

It is a one or two-day procedure depending on the number of grafts to be implanted and the area of baldness.

There are four major steps in the procedure.
The first step is Anesthesia. To make the scalp numb during the surgery, an anaesthetic solution is injected only locally, where it is required, that is only over the scalp. Its advantage is the patient is awake during the whole procedure. After anaesthesia is done correctly, the patient is completely pain-free and comfortable during the procedure.


The second step is extraction. Here, we remove grafts, or hair from the donor area, which is mostly the back of your scalp, one at a time (in FUE). the extracted grafts are stored immediately in a cold medium so that they remain viable. After all the grafts are extracted, we proceed towards the third step.

The third step is slit creation. It means the creation of small holes by the specialised device in the bald area where we require to put the grafts. We create slits in such a manner that adequate density is achieved and the look is completely natural.

Lastly, the grafts are put inside the slits created, which comprises the fourth and final step of Surgery called a step of implantation.
After implantation of all the grafts, the bald area looks filled and we can expect hair growth subsequently.

After a hair transplant, the doctor advises a set of some easy precautions for the patient to be followed for a week or two. The patient can always go back to their work the next day after the surgery.

The results of hair transplant are visible after 3 months, which increases continuously and one can expect the final result after one year.

The hair that is grown is completely natural, and you need to maintain them just like your normal hair. You need to shampoo them, condition them and cut them too.

Non Surgical Hair Growth Procedure

  1. Liquid gold hair and skin rejuvenation

Liquid gold hair and skin rejuvenation therapy is a three step process of concentrating your natural growth factors and injecting them where needed.
This can be used in many skin and hair problems including hair loss, dull skin and scars 

2) Microneedling :
This a unique procedure where a bunch of needles poke your skin in a systematic manner, delivered through a specialized machine. This helps in regenerating the lost collagen and helps to stimulate your dormant hair follicles and make them grow faster.
This takes about 7 days to work and effect grows continuously for many months

3) Laser therapy: This is a unique procedure, where we target our hair follicle with laser light. This awakens the dormant follicles and along with other procedures helps in hair growth

4) Mesotherapy for hair: In this procedure we directly inject the ready made solution with nutrients, growth factors, peptides, minerals and vitamins necessary for hair growth directly in the roots of hair. This helps in hair nourishment, quick hair growth and keeping hair healthy

Combination of two or more of the above mentioned procedures reduces your hair fall, grows new hair, increase hair density and make your hair healthier than before

MesoTherapy for Hair

Bridal Treatment

Specialized treatment for to-be Brides and Grooms:

Marriage is a special occasion, both the to-be Bride and Groom want to look best on their special day.

We at our center have advised few procedures which help the couple look their best.

1) Body peeling: Along with the face, the heath and luster of body parts especially arms and legs are equally important…A specialized peeling procedure done over arms and legs helps to de-tan, make them smooth, and even out the skin color while giving it a required radiance too. It is a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime and very easy to perform without any side effects.

2) Vampire facial: This is the most famous face treatment in the West which combines the use of platelet concentrate while microneedling gives your face that youth full, radiant and smooth look. It has a downtime of 5 days, but the result is worth the wait.

3)Face Peeling: It involves a set of different solutions applied over the face to reduce different types of skin blemishes and are customized according to skin types and problems.

4) wrinkle reduction treatment : This is a great treatment to smooth out your facial wrinkles which are a no-no on a marriage day.
Few Injections and all your Wrinkles are gone, gives you the fresh youthful look. Results are obtained till the 7th day of the procedure.

5) Injectable fillers: One of the great procedures with immediate results.
With this procedure, we can contour your nose, lips, cheeks, jawline, and overall face.
If contouring is not required, this can also help in getting a hydrated look which helps your skin to shine naturally.

6) Thread lifting: This is a tremendous treatment to give that V shape to your face, lift your cheeks, add contour to your cheeks, add a natural volume over the time where required.
This procedure induces your natural collagen and reduces the signs of aging gradually.

These are some of the procedures especially advisable for the to-be Brides and Grooms.

Apart from the procedures, a special skincare routine is advised, special medical treatments are advised and lifestyle modification is told in the consultation to give overall benefits for the D-Day.

We are pleased to offer you the chance to have the healthy hair.

Client Testimonials

Dr. Mayur Dakhore

Dr. Shashank Bansod Sir is a well known and leading consultant dermatologist, cosmetologist and hair transplant surgeon based at Nagpur, India. He is ambitious, enthusiastic, honest and gifted dermatologist and cosmetologist and humanist with intense outlook towards patient care.

Harshal Dhabarde

Done Hair sessions from here thank you so muchhhhhh I really can't express my feelings how happy I'm and how thankful I am , best doctor In nagpur Hi-tech skin clinic and hair.👌

devendra gabhane

my personal experience hi tech clinic is one of the best for hair transplant..

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About Us

We are the pioneers in advanced skin and hair treatments.

We strive to thoroughly understanding our patients' condition, knowing about their treatment goals, their expected out come from treatment ,and provide personalized treatment options which we find best for the patients.

The reception staff, the clinical staff and assistants are welcoming ,polite with in depth knowledge of their respective work.

On appointment, a detailed one on one interaction with patients help them solve all their doubts and get answers to all their possible questions for maximum patient satisfaction.

We have quite a few hair and skin procedures that have been advised by us and introduced for the first time for the benefit of our patients

We are one of the few centers in Nagpur with doctor trained internationally in hair transplant surgery.
We aim to provide our hair transplant clients minimum discomfort and maximum results.

Our clientage range from the elite to humble. We cater to patients from all walks of life and try our best to treat everyone with equal importance.

Our center is situated in the heart of Nagpur ,in Lokmat square, which is easily accessible by all modes of transport. Railway station, airport and bus stand are nearby for convenience of out door patients.

Meet Our Specialist

Dr. Shashank Bansod

Founder and consultant dermatologist

Dr.Shashank Bansod,the founder and consultant dermatologist in Hi-tech skin clinic,is a qualified Dermatologist with a vast experience of 15 years in medical field with special interest in hair disorders.

He has done his training in hair transplant from the best names all over the world and aims at restoring the lost glory of his patients at affordable price with the best available technique

He has also deviced his unique hair growth and thickness techniqes and procedures over the time,by which many patients have been benefitted.

He also practises all the aesthetic,anti-ageing and skin corrective treatments on his patients to make them look their best.

He is an international speaker and frequently speaks at dermatology conferences.He has many research papers to his name in the field of dermatology.He has also written numerous chapters in books,magazines and newspapers indicating his academic inclination.

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