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Welcome to Hi-tech Skin, Cosmetology clinic & hair Transplant Center.

We are the pioneers in dermatology, cosmetology & hair transplant surgery. Dr. Shashank, a young dermatologist, is highly passionate towards his work, always eager to imbibe new techniques for betterment of his patients and is known for his out of the box thinking. In a very short period of time, he has carved a niche for himself within his fraternity and among his patients alike, owing to the very clear understanding of his basics, ability to tackle patients' problems with finesse and deliver the promised results....

Professional Treatments

Dermatology Treatments

- Psoriasis

- Leprosy

- Dry skin

- Acne

Cosmetic Procedures

- Fairness Treatment

- Anti ageing procedures

- Injectable fillers

Hair Transplant

Hair loss, baldness are now very much treatable thanks to new advancement called Hair Transplant Operation.