Our Treatments

  • Dermatology Treatments

    - All Infections

    - Nail diseases

    - Psoriasis

    - Acne (pimples)

    - Hairfall

    - All causes of itching

    - Dry skin

    - Dandruff

    - White spots (Vitiligo)

    - Leprosy

    - Herpes

  • Cosmetic Procedures


    - Facial Glow Treatment

    - Fairness Treatment

    - Face and body chemical peels

    - Black spot reduction

    - Anti aging procedures

    - Scar Treatment

    - Facial Mesotherapy

    - Facial PRP

    - Ear Piercing

    - Treatment of wrinkles

    - Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX)

    - Injectable Fillers


    - PRP (platelet rich plasma) for hair

    - Hair Mesotherapy

    - Light therapy

  • Hair Transplant

    Hair loss, baldness are now very much treatable, thanks to new advancement called Hair Transplant Operation.

    Due to increased stress, unbalanced lifestyle and hereditory causes, more and more people are suffering from hair loss, resulting in loss of youthfulness, loss of self confidence and ultimately depression.

    Our center provides 'hair transplant surgery' using the most advanced technique available, at an affordable price, the results of which are guaranteed and permanent, with little or no post operation resting time.